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Society Meetings - Audio recordings

  • With the permission of our guest speakers, the Society has been looking into the best way to keep a record of our meetings. In the past, we have used typed "transcriptions" of the meetings, but these have presented many problems, not least the cost and availability of a transcription service.

  • Since the 2011 - 2012 Season, we have tried to record our speakers' contributions by digital recorder. Although not perfect, and subject to all sorts of restrictions, this method seems to be a reasonable compromise solution to our problem at present (at least until technology once again leaves us behind).

  • At present, the recordings are in CD form and have been lodged with the Portree Archive Centre for reference and safe-keeping.

  • It is felt that, out of respect for the copyright and the wishes of our contributors, this website is not the right place to publish the full recordings.

  • What is here is a list of the recordings that have been lodged with the Archive Centre, and a short excerpt from almost all of them, to whet the appetite, and to give an idea of the nature of the talk.

  1. 11 October 2011
    Steamers to Stornoway

    Colin Tucker

  2. 8 November 2011
    Sgire Throdairnis through Song

    Anne Martin

  3. 13 December 2011
    The hospitals of Skye - their origin and development

    Jim Leslie

  4. 10 January 2012
    The MacDonalds of Waternish - a family and community history

    Iona MacDonald

  5. 7 February 2012
    Skye - the cradle of piping

    Dr Angus MacDonald

  6. 13 March 2012
    The Story of the Kyle Line

    Pat Myhill

    No excerpt

  7. 10 April 2012

    The Battle of the Spoilt Dyke

    Allan Beaton

  8. 13 November 2012
    No VCs but plenty of heroes

    Graham Ross

  9. 11 December 2012
    "... the Braes men talk in Portree
    The news from Glendale..."

    Allan Campbell

    Follow this link for Allan Campbell's written introduction to an exemplary piece of Historical research and presentation.

  10. 8 January 2013
    HM Coastguard on the Isle of Skye

    Roger Baillie

  11. 12 February 2013
    Portree Church History - a Layman's Perspective

    Dr Charles Crichton

Published by Stephen Clarke, on behalf of Portree Local History Society - February 2013.
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